Friday, 16 June 2017

Update as per June 2017

As salam and hi uolls~

Oh my God! i have been missing for months.

So many things happened, and so less time to share it. It included facebook and IG, two media platform that i own.

So, in January i am still in my honeymoon phase, wandering around, following Iina Ina to court and lepak-lepak at mamak.

February, still same as the above.

March, ada sedikit keinsafan untuk tulis tesis and artikel, but still macam slow-slow je.

April, Aqeela graduation day is on 28th i think? i need to check first. Owh, it's 27th. We've been preapred for this since the notice came out and so many drama since then and lasted until the day of that weekend. But, the most important thing is, i attended an interview session on 25th. It just right on time because our flight was scheduled on the 26th. So, to the interview we go and suddenly, i received the call that i got the offer. It was such a sudden that i was speechless and unable to react accordingly. People even asking if i am not happy. hehehe^^. the this is was happy and shocked at the same time. I always thought that i am gonna completed my thesis at least before i started working. But, what they said is true, kalau Allah nak bagi anytime, anywhere and anyhow kita akan dapat juga.

Then in May, i started working and alhamdulillah sambil-sambil tu insyaAllah ada satu paper yang my co-sv dapat publishkan. so, one thing is settled then. Now, i deed to publish my own pula. Harap-harap dapat dipublish di jurnal yang baik. Amin~ So, i started to adjust myself to new environment. So far it's okay. surrounding area is full with kedai-kedai yang saya suka. Tapi belum habis pusing lagi. ^_^

June. I cant stress more how much i love June. It's my birthday and my Mom's birthday. For my Birthday, Iina Ina prepared a really special break fast spread. We have nasi tomato, puding milo and ayam merah. Well, there's no photo evident since i am so lazy to get the phone and send the photo. Just believe me then, ok?

I think that's all for the update, and i almost forgot that the father's day is this weekend. Happy Father's Day ayah! You are the best and we love you~

Lastly, for my mom's birthday on this 19th, Happy Birthday Emak!! I know you're in the better hand. I love and miss you. I hope if you can see me now you can be proud of who i become. I hope i can be as garang as you to my kids someday. You might not perfect, but you don't have to be. All you need to be is you. Thank you Emak for 16 years of good time. Thank you for every thing that you gave me. Thank you for your effort to send me to good school, But then, I am sorry that i dont eat your laksa lemak, i am sorry for being so indifferent to you, i am sorry for not being there when you need me, i am sorry for only thinking of growing up and forgetting that you are being old, I am sorry for never celebrating your birthday. There's so many things that i am sorry for and cant do anything about it. I only can hope that you forgive all my wrong doing to you. 16 years passed and still, there's a lump in my throat thinking of things that i cant do for you. Happy birthday Emak. Semoga emak berada dikalangan orang beriman bersama-sama your own mother.

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