Friday, 15 July 2016

Aidilfitri 2016

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

This year Aidilfitri was a busy one and as my sister said, it looks like we are celebrating hari raya in the car. kekeke^^. Well, that is because we have additional destination this year. Bukit Tajau. Plan nya ialah nak attend kenduri tunang adik Acik Ina, akan tetapi since kita sampai lambat dekat rumah mak sedara kami in Melaka, tak sampai hati pula nak gerak pepagi. huhu. So we decided to jalan raya saje la. Beside, the one who is getting engaged is her brother, so tader kenduri rumah Acik Ina.

For the first day the whole family decided to pick maroon this year. Ayah, at first don't really like the color, but on that day he told me that he think the color is nice. kekeke^^. Not that i  surprise, my mom once bought a kain pasang in yellow, like really bright yellow. I think it seems like kuning to orange pinang masak? or something like that. the point is the color is so striking. (well, not a surprise since it came from someone who bought her daughter a shining yellow and red track suit. Guess which daughter is that[-_-]). My father at that time pointedly said that he does not like the color and think it wont look nice on my mom, but when it turn to baju kurung, my dad said that it does look nice. And wonder how can be a kain pasang look so nice after made into baju kurung. hahaha. 

My dad and the maroon baju melayu

Anyway, as usual i pick a simple design (so that i can eat to my heart content. kekeke^^) a kurung moden. I like this kind of design (also kurung Pahang) because i think it suit my body type. It also not too flashy and i can wear it to all occasion.  I think that Baju Kurung tradisional made me look a bit bigger that i really am ^^.  That is why i no longer have normal kurung now.    I choose black lace so that it is easy for me to match my tudung.

see~ i dont need to pening-pening fikir what color of my tudung, Just wear black. kekeke^^

Tahun ni sebab semua orang berhari raya pertama di 528Rocks! maka kami terus bersalam raya lepas solat raya. After that semua orang hilang dah. hahaha. Hari raya pertama ni biasala kan, as usual je, after salam-salam kami terus ke rumah Pak Ngah (my dad's older brother) and sepatutnya lepas tu kami pergi rumah Mak Yang ( my mom's older sister). Tapi sebab Yun turn rumah mertua, Mak Yang kata dia tader mood nak masak, so die pergi lari rumah anak sulung dia. hahaha. Jadi kami pon pergilah rumah Kak Long.

Second day, lepas kami pergi kubur, kami pon bersiap-siap terus pergi Melaka. 

The reason why we arrived late at our aunt's house. Jalan-jalan di Bandar Hilir
So, ni je gambar yang semenggah sikit nak upload. hahahaha. Yang lain semua out sebab panas and penat da panjat bukit. 

So, that is my Raya this year. Hoping that everyone had a really great raya too!


p/s = Selamat pegi open house~