Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Update, Kolokium FST and Snille

Salam and good night~

First thing first,omg~ i am such a noob. I've been using Ikea's Snille swivel chair for more than a year and i just figure out that we can adjust the height. hahaha. I complaint every time i used it and i might have been telling Iina Ina for millions of time that i will buy adjustable office chair. hahaha. I dont know what happend tonight, but so suddenly i googled 'is snille adjustable?' and i saw few videos and review but none that really show how to adjust it.

Turns out it is so easy (i suspected) that is why people dont show it. You just need to rotate the seat until you can see that it moving upwards. yeah, few rotation is all you need.

Owh, i also just completed my presentation for FST Colloquium 2016. it is a day where every post grad student, especially those who in 3rd semester presented their work and result for evaluation. It just a small presentation but it is good practice for us just in case we are about to present our paper outsied of UKM.

Since, i so not have any lab result yet, i just present the chapter 1, 2 and 3 of my thesis and also a part of chapter 4. Owh, this colloquium is compulsory since, we need to attached the certificate when we submit the notice of thesis submission. Luckily i was inform on this info earlier. I have no idea that we (the postgrad student, research especially) need to do this. Or else i wont be able to submit my thesis .kekeke^^

On the update, my weight is change to 56kg after only 2days spending time at ayah's home. Can you imagine if i stay fr 2 weeks?

Another update, i am currently obsessed with a Taiwan drama call Bromance. It is gender bender drama, but what i love about it is, it is sooo easy to watch. there are no noble idiocy, no unnecessary misunderstanding, no annoying 2nd character. Suffice to say that it is so fun to watch! i first encountered the commercial of this drama in astro, unfortunately it was aired on the channel that i dont subscribe. huhu. so i googled and found it online, and the rest is history.  Lols. But it has so many kissing scene, so watch with cautions okay? kekeke^^

Another update, it is the last week of Descendants of The Sun in Malaysia. I am thinking of watching it live tomorrow. huhuhu. i already watch it online it just that i hope if i watch it live tomorrow there will be counted and there are more views. kekeke^^ is it working that way? i obviously have no idea. hahaha

One of the presentation that we attended

Dr Fairuz busy listening to the talk

Dr Fairus is again busy with the postgrad : )

Us on the presentation day

Yours truly

Yours truly. Again
On the last day. Bring this budak sebab dia bising nak pegi Bangi Central
It's a wrap! congratulations everyone! Now we can proceed with our thesis writing :)

So~ it is time for me to sleep since i have 830am class tomorrow. Good nite all! Wǎn'ān~

Lots of Love,