Thursday, 18 February 2016

Semester 3

Kombawa~ (since i am writing this at night)

Long time no see. kekeke^^ well, i no longer feeling pressure on updating since i do not put high hope on updating regularly this year. hehehe

I am currently enjoy watching japanese drama (hence the kombawa part that replace my usual anneyong). 

It is my 3rd sem already. huhuhu. the urge to graduate early is so strong tapi ape pon tak buat lagi. No~ dont be like this onnjaejun.

1- Dont Give Up!
2- Keep Going!
3- You Can Do It!

Lot of Love,

Tuesday, 2 February 2016



I am sooo not ready for 2016. i was in the middle of final exam and the last thing i need to remember is new year. hahaha. why? well, new year mean so many thing

a) another year for completing master. no, no, no. can we go back to my 1st semester?

b) another year old, another wiser? i dont think so. kekeke^^

c) final reports and assignment submission. (which i gladly submitted)

Anndd suddenly it is February already? why oh why?