Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hello guys~

Long time isnt it?

I am actually re-arranging my workstation now. It is still in progress tough. lols. i am so berlengah-lengah like that.

Now, I just change the printer and rak buku position this time. last time i changed the places from in front of the window to the bedroom wall because i need more space. *even tough i love the windows. It have a very good view. sigh~*

The best thing happened was, Iina Ina coincidentally walked passed me to get drink from kitchen and casually said, "we should buy another rak buku for you" kekekeke^^ I'm a happy kid! I'll keep it in my reminder nanti. hahahaha

While i am re-organizing (i share my work station area with others thing too), the biggest concern is how to keep the extra totos and naritas, pillows and blankets. All that, is the equipment for when our family came to visit. (We are soooo family type,Lols). We don't have much cupboards, the one that we have already full with so many things. 

So, If anyone reading this, do share how you keep all that thing okay?

Lots of Love.