Monday, 28 September 2015

Tuba Island

Salam and Hi alls~

I just get back from Hari Raya Haji and a week of fieldwork before that. At first i thought that my lecturer will give us some sort of introduction and bring us to Hutan Simpan UKM or Taman Pantun at least. But as soon as i sat on my first class, he said "guys~ we are going to Pulau Tuba!! yeay!!" I was like, "What? isnt it too early? I need to learn basics Prof!" But it's all in my mind. While in reality  I just nod and say "yes Prof!" Hahaha.

So Pulau Tuba here i came!

Transit at Jetty Langkawi. Dataran Lang

Let me show you what we have done, trust me it might seem not much but we are literally soaked with sweat (and rain)

This fieldwork is a compulsory for one of the subject that i registered this semester. This is where we learned how to operate the basic machine of the geophysics method such as Resistivity, Sounding, Gravity and Magnet, and Seismic.

So, imagine a 30 years old student (me) carrying a cable, instrument, clip, rods and all other things across the paddy field. I felt like crying. hahahaha. I even promised myself that i am going to be nicer to my general workers. Thanks God, i got a very good team leader and team member.

Thank you guys~

But the best thing is our chalet. It not much, i mean it just a cheap chalet with rate around RM70 to RM80 per night, but it is located just in front of the beach. The beach is not suitable for mandi-manda but the view is breathtaking. My photos wont do justice, but this is few that i shared with my friends and family.

Yours Truly
I had so much fun there, meeting new classmate, learning new things, seeing so many beautiful views and even experienced doing all the test in paddy field. kekeke^^

Now, what's left are the processing, field notebook, reports and presentation.*sigh*

Lots of Love,