Monday, 24 August 2015

Welcome New Semester!

Anneyong Beautiful People~

It is August and i already registered for my second semester. Alhamdulillah~ I hope new semester brings me recharged energy and of course semangat to continue my study. I made a safe decision by taking only few subjects to ease the progress (i hope). But still it is more than last semester, where i only took 2 classes (hehehe^^ just in case i tak boleh bawa sebab da lama sangat tak belajar). I will be facing 4 subjects and 16 units for now, and i pray that i will do well this semester. Doakan saya kawan2!

On my healthy weight journey, it seem like i'm on platonic mode. It stick to 55kg now and not reducing anymore. Iina Ina and i both thought that it might be a good time to start light exercise such as walking around and skipping. I plan to make a schedule on that and we'll see if it is working or that plan akan cuma jadi plan sahaja. hohoho

Owh, last fortnight we (Iina Ina, Kila and I) went to Alor Setar. Since Iina Ina ada matters at Alor Setar's Court, we took the opportunity to tag along and jalan-jalan. We had fun taking orders from waze and pusing-pusing bandar Alor Setar. Hehehe. We only went to few places but it is fun to see Alor Setar. Kami cuma sempat pergi Pekan Rabu (new building), Nasi kandar Yasmeen. and Laksa ikan Sekoq. Dekat Pekan Rabu ada kedai-kedai ala-ala Pasar Siti Khadijah and Pasar Payang. We found a nice tepak sirih tembaga and the price is around RM250, tapi kami tak beli since Iina Ina have not decide if she wants to put it in hantaran Uda. I ada jumpa gobek yang comel and remind me of my Tok, but the price is not in my budget. It is around Rm125, but i think it is standard rate since it is made of tembaga. Overall, i think Alor Setar is a nice place and seronok berjalan if you know your way around. For us, we are lucky we got  internet and Waze. : )

It scared me a little bit to think that it is August already and i bet you January 2016 will come in the blink of the eyes. There are many of 2015 aim that i have not cross, but i will try my best and keep on going.

Have a good week guys~

lots of loves,