Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Final and Ramadhan


The time has come, it is final exam!

i am a bit stress with the assignment but i think i am coping well.

Pray for me ya?

Semoga Ramadhan ni memudahkan lagi perjalanan kita. hehehe. Selamat Berpuasa everyone!


Friday, 12 June 2015


Hi everyone!!

It is 12th June already! Who knows time may fly this fast isn't it?

Anyway, June is my favorite month so no matter how fast is it, i am going to enjoy it till the end.

The reason of this whole-month-celebration is.... It is my birthday! kekeke. Well, we only turn 30 once and that alone, should be the reason of my happiness. (I figured out that i still be happy on my birthday even tough i got no cake, get lost on my way home*will write about this letter*, i am turning 30 without husband *yet*)

Speaking of sesat on my way home, the story is, it is jammed bumper to bumper when we just took the Senawang toll. So i being so 'effective' told angah, "jom keluar PD exit and pusing balik masuk LEKAS" She did what i told her, it just that i overly confident that we should take right lane when it is supposed to be left lane. The rest is history and to commemorate this angah purposely took this photo and i am sure she will use this event as exemplary case for future use.

Good job Awanis!

The second thing is it is my mum's birthday too. Her birthday is on 19th. Apparently we are sharing same zodiac either it is western (Gemini) and eastern (tahun lembu), and it is totally not surprise me at all if people say that i have my mother's character. The different is my mum is the last from her sibling while i am the oldest. I think i'm the tougher one here. hehehehe

I should stop my nonsense now, it is already midnight and even if it is weekend, i still need my beauty sleep guys. Lols~

Will continue tomorrow and babbling again. 

Lot of love,