Tuesday, 26 May 2015

final exam


Ommo, it is end of May already?

homaigod! what have i done? What have i accomplish?

That is the questions ringing through my brain every friday and worsened in the end of the month. hahaha.

I keep checking on my proposal schedule to see if i achieved anything, but that is all the achievement i made so far. kekeke.

Anyway, i hope all of you have a good day, week and month.

Lots of Love,


P/S: Next month and next week should be the best.  Guess whose birthday is coming?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Welcome May~

Hello Everyone!

It is May!!! I cannot believe that 4 months went by without me noticing. hahaha. To tell you the truth i do not have anything done yet for my project. But, 1st phase is settled. It is the proposal presentation for one of our subject grade.

I was nervous like craaazy on that day. I think the last presentation made was last two years? or more? Lols. It does not help when i only have 24 hours to make the slides. Hahaha. The reason is our presentation is suppose to be on 7th May, but 2 of the examiners will be attending a conference on that week so they decided to drag the presentation earlier, 30th April. So, onnjajejun being onnjaejun, having so much fun taking her own leisure time, I only knew about it on 29th. Imagine my panic.

But, things  need to be done should be done. i try my best to prepare a slide containing all the infos and as per my SV advice, knows my objective and method well. I googled all the page related to my project and try to memorize it. Yes, i am that desperate that i even googling it since the last time i used the terms, or study the subject of my project is around 7 or 8 years ago. hahahaha

Anyway, the presentation is going well, i think. I managed to answer the examiner question and defend my objectives of study. My SV also think that i am doing okay. So, pheww.. But then, that is that. I personally think that I need to be more proactive on my research. It almost end of semester now. I need to start writing. Ugh,

Wish me luck guys! Doakan semuanya mudah2 belaka.

Lots of Love,