Thursday, 16 April 2015

Update 2015


I almost can't believe my eyes when i saw the last post was in July. Oh, not cool Onn.  I tot you are suppose to update every WEEKS, what happened to that new year resolution? hahaha.

Anyway, i'm back guysss!! i am not sure if this will be the only post THIS YEAR, but i will keep trying.

Quick updates:

1) I am no longer working. My last day with my last company was on 29th October 2014, and trust me, it's one of the best decision. Do i miss them? No. Do I miss the place? Yes, i miss Publika, actually i miss my Daiso over there. : )

2) Started my full time new position on 17 February 2015, I am a master student now. Half way through my dream. Keep praying for Allah to make it easy and breeze. I know it wont, it going to be pain and tears. But, praying does helps.

3) You might think,  wow, 4 months not working you must be bored to death right? The answer is no. Seriously, not a bit i found it bored in that 4 months. hahaha. I took it as my holiday, time off or cuti berehat. I have been working for non stop since i graduated. So, 4 months after 7 years doesn't sound so bad isn't it?

Okay. I think that's enough for now.

Will share my journey of an-old-student in the next post.

Good Night everyone!