Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hello guys~

Long time isnt it?

I am actually re-arranging my workstation now. It is still in progress tough. lols. i am so berlengah-lengah like that.

Now, I just change the printer and rak buku position this time. last time i changed the places from in front of the window to the bedroom wall because i need more space. *even tough i love the windows. It have a very good view. sigh~*

The best thing happened was, Iina Ina coincidentally walked passed me to get drink from kitchen and casually said, "we should buy another rak buku for you" kekekeke^^ I'm a happy kid! I'll keep it in my reminder nanti. hahahaha

While i am re-organizing (i share my work station area with others thing too), the biggest concern is how to keep the extra totos and naritas, pillows and blankets. All that, is the equipment for when our family came to visit. (We are soooo family type,Lols). We don't have much cupboards, the one that we have already full with so many things. 

So, If anyone reading this, do share how you keep all that thing okay?

Lots of Love.

Monday, 26 October 2015


So... it's 26th Oct again. How time flies. *Checking on what i wrote last year, no entri. hahaha*

Okay, so i write this thing on my fb today.

well, it just an annual thing that i did every year. But, what i did not expect is the amount of comments that i received. I am not very good with words and it a bit awkward for me. I don't really know how to act when people say nice word to me. hahaha. This is a true story. But i really thankful for them, because it is a nice thing to know that i am not the only one who miss my mom.

I also notice that it still hard for me to say tell people that my mom is no longer here with me. I think that is the reason why there are a lot of comment on my status today. When a friend of mine ask, 'since?' *referring to my status* It took me quite sometime to answer her. But i did answered her. It is true then, when people said losing someone you love made a hole to your heart. No matter how long it was, the hole will always be there.

 I, myself just recently (6 or 7 years) can talk about my mom without crying. (but still there's a lump in my throat when i talked about her). I can't even say 'mak' dulu, i felt like crying. If people unintentionally talked about my mum, i will cry too.*behind others back of course* But now, i think i am getting better. Not because of the time passed, but because Achik Ina. kekeke^^ When i started to know with her, she had her mom by her side and she's very close to her. And at that time she's a very clueless and kept on asking about my mom. She used to ask, what is my mom like, what my mom loves to do, and other questions that i answered with a big, gigantic lump in my throat. She also told me, "dont worry dear, you can call my mom Ma as well". At that time i could not bring myself to call her mom that, so i avoid to call her at all. hahahaha. It's a good thing that i sempat to call her Ma.

But thanks to her, now i can tell people about my mom. My siblings often told each other what we remember about our mom and share funny story about her. I think it is a good way to make sure that she'll always be remembered.

We love and miss you Mom.


Monday, 28 September 2015

Tuba Island

Salam and Hi alls~

I just get back from Hari Raya Haji and a week of fieldwork before that. At first i thought that my lecturer will give us some sort of introduction and bring us to Hutan Simpan UKM or Taman Pantun at least. But as soon as i sat on my first class, he said "guys~ we are going to Pulau Tuba!! yeay!!" I was like, "What? isnt it too early? I need to learn basics Prof!" But it's all in my mind. While in reality  I just nod and say "yes Prof!" Hahaha.

So Pulau Tuba here i came!

Transit at Jetty Langkawi. Dataran Lang

Let me show you what we have done, trust me it might seem not much but we are literally soaked with sweat (and rain)

This fieldwork is a compulsory for one of the subject that i registered this semester. This is where we learned how to operate the basic machine of the geophysics method such as Resistivity, Sounding, Gravity and Magnet, and Seismic.

So, imagine a 30 years old student (me) carrying a cable, instrument, clip, rods and all other things across the paddy field. I felt like crying. hahahaha. I even promised myself that i am going to be nicer to my general workers. Thanks God, i got a very good team leader and team member.

Thank you guys~

But the best thing is our chalet. It not much, i mean it just a cheap chalet with rate around RM70 to RM80 per night, but it is located just in front of the beach. The beach is not suitable for mandi-manda but the view is breathtaking. My photos wont do justice, but this is few that i shared with my friends and family.

Yours Truly
I had so much fun there, meeting new classmate, learning new things, seeing so many beautiful views and even experienced doing all the test in paddy field. kekeke^^

Now, what's left are the processing, field notebook, reports and presentation.*sigh*

Lots of Love,

Monday, 24 August 2015

Welcome New Semester!

Anneyong Beautiful People~

It is August and i already registered for my second semester. Alhamdulillah~ I hope new semester brings me recharged energy and of course semangat to continue my study. I made a safe decision by taking only few subjects to ease the progress (i hope). But still it is more than last semester, where i only took 2 classes (hehehe^^ just in case i tak boleh bawa sebab da lama sangat tak belajar). I will be facing 4 subjects and 16 units for now, and i pray that i will do well this semester. Doakan saya kawan2!

On my healthy weight journey, it seem like i'm on platonic mode. It stick to 55kg now and not reducing anymore. Iina Ina and i both thought that it might be a good time to start light exercise such as walking around and skipping. I plan to make a schedule on that and we'll see if it is working or that plan akan cuma jadi plan sahaja. hohoho

Owh, last fortnight we (Iina Ina, Kila and I) went to Alor Setar. Since Iina Ina ada matters at Alor Setar's Court, we took the opportunity to tag along and jalan-jalan. We had fun taking orders from waze and pusing-pusing bandar Alor Setar. Hehehe. We only went to few places but it is fun to see Alor Setar. Kami cuma sempat pergi Pekan Rabu (new building), Nasi kandar Yasmeen. and Laksa ikan Sekoq. Dekat Pekan Rabu ada kedai-kedai ala-ala Pasar Siti Khadijah and Pasar Payang. We found a nice tepak sirih tembaga and the price is around RM250, tapi kami tak beli since Iina Ina have not decide if she wants to put it in hantaran Uda. I ada jumpa gobek yang comel and remind me of my Tok, but the price is not in my budget. It is around Rm125, but i think it is standard rate since it is made of tembaga. Overall, i think Alor Setar is a nice place and seronok berjalan if you know your way around. For us, we are lucky we got  internet and Waze. : )

It scared me a little bit to think that it is August already and i bet you January 2016 will come in the blink of the eyes. There are many of 2015 aim that i have not cross, but i will try my best and keep on going.

Have a good week guys~

lots of loves,

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sem 1 Result


Lulus dan dapat sambung lagi sem akan datang. hehehehe

Terima kasih doanya dari kawan-kawan dan family.

Doakan lagi tahun-tahun yang akan datang dan semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Aidilfitri 2015

Hai alls!

How is your hari raya?

Well, i think i had a blast ,of course the celebration less felt with the age. :)  Dulu kita dapat duit raya, sekarang kita bagi duit raya pulak. (still got my duit raya. hehe) Dulu, kita beraya sampai hari ke 6 or 7, sekarang saya cuma pakai baju raya sampai hari raya ketiga (kadang2 kedua je).

But, the most important thing is we are with our families and friends. For those yang tak dapat sambut sama-sama tu, jangan sedih ok? Nanti tahun depan cuba lagi.

Just want to share few of my family raya's photo. (of course i am going to put the best picture of myself! hahahaha)

I already shared it in IG but since, i do not want to spam others feed, i only share the best 3 (i guess?) photos.

These raya photos is for my own backup, just in case something happen to my drive.

The Formal
4 of us

Bak & We + US

Big Family

The Girls

The Boys

The Not-So-Formal

My, my, my! Where all these kids came from?
Qoid comel letih da

You are blocking my awesomeness Bak. keke^^
Budak ngamok tamo pakai baju raya sendiri. Aigo~
"how much should i give them duit raya?"

Main galah panjang ke ni? nak join!

 And the last photo of yours truly,

Ini nama dia tido dalam imaaan~

hahaha. it was so funny and chaotic to get the whole picture. you cant believe what we done (bribe  nego) so that all kids stay put.

Have a blessed Syawal everyone! selamat menghadiri rumah-rumah terbuka (Dear Onn, please bawa bertenang masa makan. hehehehe)

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Iftorrr (Bak kata paihdiki) with the Girls.

12th July 2015

Thank you guys, for making your time to attend the berbuka puasa today!

So seronok jumpa anak2 sedara yg makin besar. (nampak sangat jumpa setahun sekali sajo)

As usual, tader photo evident lagi tahun ni (Seperti tahun2 sebelumnya) sebab we always dtg kedai makan macam tornado and balik pon macam tu jugak. hahaha. Act tahun ni berjaya amik gambar tapi semuanya tak decent langsung~ and not appropriate to be shared. hahahaha

Nurul kata nak buat open house, so i am looking forward to meet you guys again after raya.

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Final and Ramadhan


The time has come, it is final exam!

i am a bit stress with the assignment but i think i am coping well.

Pray for me ya?

Semoga Ramadhan ni memudahkan lagi perjalanan kita. hehehe. Selamat Berpuasa everyone!


Friday, 12 June 2015


Hi everyone!!

It is 12th June already! Who knows time may fly this fast isn't it?

Anyway, June is my favorite month so no matter how fast is it, i am going to enjoy it till the end.

The reason of this whole-month-celebration is.... It is my birthday! kekeke. Well, we only turn 30 once and that alone, should be the reason of my happiness. (I figured out that i still be happy on my birthday even tough i got no cake, get lost on my way home*will write about this letter*, i am turning 30 without husband *yet*)

Speaking of sesat on my way home, the story is, it is jammed bumper to bumper when we just took the Senawang toll. So i being so 'effective' told angah, "jom keluar PD exit and pusing balik masuk LEKAS" She did what i told her, it just that i overly confident that we should take right lane when it is supposed to be left lane. The rest is history and to commemorate this angah purposely took this photo and i am sure she will use this event as exemplary case for future use.

Good job Awanis!

The second thing is it is my mum's birthday too. Her birthday is on 19th. Apparently we are sharing same zodiac either it is western (Gemini) and eastern (tahun lembu), and it is totally not surprise me at all if people say that i have my mother's character. The different is my mum is the last from her sibling while i am the oldest. I think i'm the tougher one here. hehehehe

I should stop my nonsense now, it is already midnight and even if it is weekend, i still need my beauty sleep guys. Lols~

Will continue tomorrow and babbling again. 

Lot of love,

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

final exam


Ommo, it is end of May already?

homaigod! what have i done? What have i accomplish?

That is the questions ringing through my brain every friday and worsened in the end of the month. hahaha.

I keep checking on my proposal schedule to see if i achieved anything, but that is all the achievement i made so far. kekeke.

Anyway, i hope all of you have a good day, week and month.

Lots of Love,


P/S: Next month and next week should be the best.  Guess whose birthday is coming?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Welcome May~

Hello Everyone!

It is May!!! I cannot believe that 4 months went by without me noticing. hahaha. To tell you the truth i do not have anything done yet for my project. But, 1st phase is settled. It is the proposal presentation for one of our subject grade.

I was nervous like craaazy on that day. I think the last presentation made was last two years? or more? Lols. It does not help when i only have 24 hours to make the slides. Hahaha. The reason is our presentation is suppose to be on 7th May, but 2 of the examiners will be attending a conference on that week so they decided to drag the presentation earlier, 30th April. So, onnjajejun being onnjaejun, having so much fun taking her own leisure time, I only knew about it on 29th. Imagine my panic.

But, things  need to be done should be done. i try my best to prepare a slide containing all the infos and as per my SV advice, knows my objective and method well. I googled all the page related to my project and try to memorize it. Yes, i am that desperate that i even googling it since the last time i used the terms, or study the subject of my project is around 7 or 8 years ago. hahahaha

Anyway, the presentation is going well, i think. I managed to answer the examiner question and defend my objectives of study. My SV also think that i am doing okay. So, pheww.. But then, that is that. I personally think that I need to be more proactive on my research. It almost end of semester now. I need to start writing. Ugh,

Wish me luck guys! Doakan semuanya mudah2 belaka.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Update 2015


I almost can't believe my eyes when i saw the last post was in July. Oh, not cool Onn.  I tot you are suppose to update every WEEKS, what happened to that new year resolution? hahaha.

Anyway, i'm back guysss!! i am not sure if this will be the only post THIS YEAR, but i will keep trying.

Quick updates:

1) I am no longer working. My last day with my last company was on 29th October 2014, and trust me, it's one of the best decision. Do i miss them? No. Do I miss the place? Yes, i miss Publika, actually i miss my Daiso over there. : )

2) Started my full time new position on 17 February 2015, I am a master student now. Half way through my dream. Keep praying for Allah to make it easy and breeze. I know it wont, it going to be pain and tears. But, praying does helps.

3) You might think,  wow, 4 months not working you must be bored to death right? The answer is no. Seriously, not a bit i found it bored in that 4 months. hahaha. I took it as my holiday, time off or cuti berehat. I have been working for non stop since i graduated. So, 4 months after 7 years doesn't sound so bad isn't it?

Okay. I think that's enough for now.

Will share my journey of an-old-student in the next post.

Good Night everyone!