Friday, 18 July 2014


Today a Friend of mine share this song in her facebook page. I clicked and hooked up straight away. The tittle is Try by Colbie Caillat. I personally love few of Colbie songs and this song is no different. She have such a beautiful voice.

Anyway, i think (and it is my personal opinion) she tries to tell people that you dont need to try hard to make people like you. Let them like you just the way you are. The music video showing women in all ages with make up and no make up on. I am totally agree with the 'dont-try-hard-to-make-people-like-you'. I mean if people dont like you, they wont like you anyway. Well, there are exceptions to that.

But, for the makeup parts, i dont know. Maybe it is true if i cannot going out without makeups. Or if I need makeup just to throw garbage outside. But for me, makeup is only when i want to look extra good in the special occasion. Such as weddings, or hari raya or my birthday (yes, my birthday is a special occasion. hoho) or any day that i feel like to put makeup on. 

But i do not feel bad to wear my bare face to public at all. I mean, sometime i even forgot to powder my face. pfft. (sometime my hari raya went on without any single paint in my face too. keke)

Push my personal tots aside, it is a nice song and have a nice day!


PS: i saw there are few readers outside of malaysia in my stats. I hope you found what you are looking for. (i dont think my blog contain any infos at all, but still, hello~). If you are from Malaysia, Hi~*bigwavefromhome*

If Nurul, Ain and Fairuz baca ni, kekekeke, bila kita nak pegi melawat ain? hoho