Monday, 14 April 2014

Updates (Mid April)

Dear Friends,(Tiru Fairuz. Keke)

Bertukar kerja made me more lazy to update. It is not so busy or stressful but i lost my blogging mojo*pfft : )*

Anyway, I would like to update my korean drama list which i watched within these few weeks.

Prime Minister and I - still stuck at episode 7. This is because of Angah deleted the episode 8. So i need to watch that episode online before resume to watch the rest of the episodes.

My Love from The Star - OMG, this series is taking all my emotions from reading the recapped (this is how i evaluate a drama, i read the recap at Dramabean (You can google it, it's good~), waiting for the 11 weeks to record, AND suddenly i wrongly clicked a button and Astro deleted the WHOLE series. Can you imagine it? After 11 weeks? Luckily One HD is having a re run and i waste no time to record it again.The drama is funny and nice to watch. I do not fall for the hero, yet. But, who knows right? i am currently at Episode 8 and wish to finish it by this week.

We had small family gathering last weekend. We went to Dima Ara Damansara (where Abang Roy currently working) to have a try on Arabian food. We had small birthday party for April Babies too. We also cruising at Putrajaya, it's having a promotion for early bird (for those who buy ticket before 12.00) and for the cost that we paid (RM 15 for adult/RM 10 for 3 to 12 years old children/Free for children 3 years old and below) i think it's  worth it. Well, it does not show any unusual thing, it will show you all around Putrajaya. They will inform you on the landmark, the bridges and few additional info regarding the monument there. The only part where Achik Ina did not satisfied was when they told us about the Palace of Justice as High Court which she told me that it is not High Court but Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. hahaha, yes, she cannot contained that and keep telling me over and over. But she enjoy the cruise and even tried to replicated Titanic moment with Ijlal. hahaha. 

Owh, Fairuz invited us to her home for a kenduri selamat which i cannot attend. She and Zaid are going to perform Umrah soon. I really wish to meet her before that. I nak ajak Nurul and Ain sekali. hohoho.

Hmm,, i think that is all, for now.