Monday, 31 December 2012



Tak sangka cepat betul 2012 berlalu. Macam-macam jadi. Gembira. Sedih. Suka. Duka. Bercampur-campur.

When i think back, i am grateful for the whole year passed.

Azam tahun baru akan ditulis di planner sendiri sebab terlalu peribadi nak share dekat sini. hehe. this time i try to aim more specific thing other that tahun2 lepas yang asyik2 azamnya nak hidup gembira. Yes, for years yang i dah boleh fikir azam tahun baru, tiap2 tahun azamnya ialah to be happy. Tak kisah senang or susah, saya nak hidup gembira.

Tapi tahun ni i decided to change my resolution a bit. be happy is my priority of course. but this year there are few things that i thing i need to achieved.

i read it somewhere (i think its Xiaxue blog.yes, i do read her blog sometime) that writing your aim can make us more focus and mindlessly making us work harder to achieve the dream. So, i am going to write it clearly and bold in my planner. hehe

So, this is my last entry for 2012. i hope to write more next year and share more informative entry (rather than random ranting) and happy moment that make you smile too!(i know that only nurul and Acik Ina je yang baca blog ni pon. hehe)


Friday, 21 December 2012

busy as a bee

hohohoho (ala2 santa claus)

Sekarang ni tak sempat nak update or upload ape2.

Since lepas angah grad, kesibukan yang amat. Maklum la ujung tahun. Macam2 la nak cepat kan.(ceh, macam la ade kene mengena kan?)

Ape pon it's weekend!(saya bekerja on saturday.thank you)

Friday, 14 December 2012

ParisB Giveaway!!

I would like to share that Paris B of MyWomenStuff is having a giveaway! It is special because the present will be sent to someone you love. As she said, 'it is better to give than receive'. But no worries, she will give you something too!

So, be fast because it ends on 19th December.